Latest version: 4.0.74 build 415. April 16, 2024.

The "Expressions" filter module for data loggers is an interpreter for quick and easy evaluation of expressions. It is a smart tool easy to use. The plugin supports different data types (string, date, time, decimal, float and boolean), arithmetic and boolean operators, multiple levels of brackets, built-in math, string, boolean functions, and user-defined variables. It supports the following operators and functions:

Mathematics operations

  • + : Addition
  • - : Substraction
  • * : Multiplication
  • / : Division
  • ^ : Exponential (only positive numbers for the base)

Mathematics functions: ABS, ATAN, COS, EXP, LN, ROUND, SIN, SQRT, SQR, TRUNC, and many others;
String functions: COPY, REPLACE, POS, and many others;
Logical functions: AND, OR, XOR, and etc.

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