Latest version: 4.0.82 build 620. June 27, 2024.

This plugin handles our data loggers' internal events and allows you to send messages or notifications about these events in various ways.

Once an event occurs (for example: "Port opened" or "Configuration changed"), the plugin creates a text message using the specified template and sends a notification.

The form of the notification depends on the plugin settings.

The plugin supports the following notification types:

  • Sending messages via e-mail.
  • Sending a message to a remote computer on the network (Window 2000+).
  • Opening a message box on a local computer.
  • Launching a program or script.
  • Playing a sound.
  • Sending an instant message to Telegram or Slack.
  • Sending an SMS using a mobile phone or web service.
  • Each event type can have individual notification settings.

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