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Printer Logger Software supplies four cut down versions called Printer Logger Software Enterprise and Corporate. These versions omit some of the advanced features found in the corporate edition and is ideal for users who either want a low cost solution or are not interested in more advanced features.

This page lists the principal features of Printer Logger Software and identifies those features that are not available in each version.

Printer Logger Software Enterprise sells for 30% of the cost of the Corporate version. Users can upgrade to the Corporate version at any time, simply by paying the difference in price between the versions. The actual software is identical, since the software activation key is used to configure all editions. A code can be sent by email that allows the user to upgrade the software.

Feature set

The following table illustrates the main features in Printer Logger Software and shows which of these are eliminated from the corresponding edition:

Feature Corporate Enterprise
Monitoring multiple printers simultaneously Yes! Yes!
Support for local, remote and netwrork printers Yes! Yes!
Individual monitoring options for each group of printers Yes! Yes!
Possibility to create fully different configurations Yes! Yes!
Real-time optimized printers monitoring Yes! Yes!
Possibility to save content of printed jobs to a PDF file and send it to a central server 1) Yes! Yes!
Possibility to monitor printer on remote computers without installing a remote client Yes! Yes!
Check printers status (online/offline) Yes! Yes!
Write printer events to a log file Yes! Yes!
Logs rotation (depends on date or time, size etc.) Yes! Yes!
Program messages logging Yes! Yes!
Simple, menu-driven step by step set-up Yes! Yes!
Create backups of program settings Yes! Yes!
Possibility to start multiple program instances Yes! Yes!
Support for non server versions of Windows Yes! Yes!
Support for 64 bit versions of Windows Yes! Yes!
Support for server OS Yes! Yes!
Performance optimizations for server OS Yes! Yes!
On-line help Yes! Yes!
Windows 2000+ service mode
Windows 2000+ service Yes! Yes!
Starts as soon as the operating system starts and doesn't require a user to log in and run it Yes! Yes!
Data export features
Write events to MS SQL database Yes! Yes!
Write events to MySQL database Yes! Yes!
Write events to MS Access database Yes! Yes!
Write events to any ODBC-compatible database Yes! Yes!
DDE and OPC server Yes! Yes!
Reports export to Microsoft Excel files Yes! Yes!
Reports export to Adobe PDF files Yes! Yes!
Reports export to HTML, JPEG, MS Word, XML files Yes! Yes!
Events handling
Send log files via Internet Yes! Yes!
Send notifications about printer events via email Yes! Yes!
Execute programs or scripts on printer events Yes! Yes!
Pack summary log files Yes! Yes!
Data filter plugins
Filter events data by expressions (use math,string and boolean expressions) Yes! Yes!
Deadband (excludes less significant data) Yes! Yes!
Advanced reports Yes! Yes!
Favorite reports Yes! Yes!
Table and graph reports Yes! Yes!
Print reports Yes! Yes!
Scheduled reports Yes!  
Define print cost for each printer, paper size and print qualiy Yes! Yes!
Manage printers list Yes! Yes!
Browse printer events in the database Yes! Yes!
Remote access
Web-based statistics (built-in HTTP server) Yes! Yes!
Access control for remote users Yes! Yes!
Remote access for users to their own statistics (over local network or Internet) Yes!  
Remote access to the global statistics (over local network or Internet) Yes! Yes!
Access control for advanced and favorite reports Yes! Yes!
Table and graphics reports Yes! Yes!
Customized web page templates Yes!  
Print servers quantity permitted by license 1 1
Supported printers quantity for each print server 100 20
Supported clients (users) quantity for each print server Unlimited Unlimited
Price (USD)360250

1) The content of printed jobs can be saved for local printers only. For remote computers you need to install our remote client.

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