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Quotas allow you to limit print jobs for a user, printer, or department (fig. 13). You may define a limit of pages or protect everything by a password.


The program checks quotas in the following way:


1.When a user tries to send a print job to a printer, our remote agent program intercepts that requests.

2.The remote agent program prompts for a login and password. The log field is optional and depends on the server settings.

3.The remote agent program sends a request to a central server to check a quota.

4.The agent blocks or allows a print job using the default settings if the server is offline or unreachable for 5 seconds.

5.Otherwise, the agent blocks or allows a print job using a returned answer.

6.Also, the server records login and password used for the corresponding print job for reports.



Fig. 13 Quotas


Printer. It is a list of configured printers. You may select one printer from the list, and the program copies the printer name and location to separate fields. Later, the program does not use this column.


Division. This column allows selecting a division for a quota. The quota will be applied to all printers assigned to that division. It would be best to choose the "Department page count" rule in the "Limit type" column.


Date. It is an informational field when you've added a new quota. The program does not use it while checking quotas.


Printer name, Printer location. These fields identify a printer for the "Printer page count" rule. If you should define a rule for several similar printers, you can use the special mask character "*". For example, it allows defining a rule for all printers on one computer or for all printers on all computers.


User name. This column contains a user name (login) that the program checks for a quota. If this field is empty or contains "*", the quota is defined for all users. The program checks quota rules with a user name in the first place.


Limit. This column contains a page limit for the corresponding rule type. The program counts pages for the current month only.


Password. It is a PIN code or a password that a user should input to continue printing. It only works for the "Password or PIN code" limit type.